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Our Research Program

The research program at our Research Library & Archives aids scholars, researchers, and genealogists (family historians) with their personal, academic, and various other projects. Our vast collections contain books, manuscripts, and graphics that you won't find anywhere else, and our tireless library volunteers are always pleased to assist you. Let us help you to get started with your research project.

It is preferred that anyone wishing to visit the library contact us at to make an appointment. Masks are required until further notice.

Located at Estate Whim Museum
52 Estate Whim, Frederiksted
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 00840

Phone: (340)772-0598

Research Library & Archives Hours

Wednesdays & Saturdays By Appointment

Ancestry and FamilySearch

In addition to our unique collections and support from our volunteer base, conducting your research at the Library grants you perks with our affiliates. Landmarks enjoys an subscription that any and all library visitors can utilize. Also, the Library is affiliated with FamilySearch International, giving researchers broad access to the microfilm/fiche records held by the largest genealogy organization in the world. Patrons may request inter-library loans of records from the FamilySearch collection for a nominal fee and have them delivered for viewing at our library.

Also located at Estate Whim, is Landmarks’ Research Library & Archives, where visitors can conduct family history and other research and purchase photographs from our unique photo collections. Call the Research Library & Archives (340) 772-0598 or email to schedule an appointment to peruse the records and archives we have preserved.

Researchers: Beware of What Your Digging Can Uncover

As a matter of principle, we like to forewarn that the records found may reveal sensitive information such as previously unknown siblings, children, and relatives or information about your ancestors' health, occupation, or property ownership—all of which would lead to new clues and leads for your research journey. Even when you are pleased—or even excited—about your findings, remember to consider family members or others around you who might be impacted by the information.

Factors That Could Hinder Research

Factors that could hinder your research are numerous. Some factors are mentioned below:

  • Your ancestor may have been unavailable at the time the census was taken or, for reasons unknown, deliberately gave false information to a census taker regarding his or her name, age, marital status, or residence.
  • The official making a census, baptism, marriage, or death record entry may have recorded the information improperly. Language difficulties, carelessness, and improper assumptions were common.
  • The information you were given, and thought to be true, as to religion, race, parentage, name, date of birth, place of birth, and death may in fact be incorrect.
  • Documents pertinent to your research may be unavailable, illegible, lost, destroyed, or stolen.

About the Library's Physical Resources

The Research Library & Archives' holdings include resources such as books, manuscripts, maps, artwork, and even extensive collections of photographs. Manuscript collections in form of church, census, tax, inventory, court, vital statistics, and other government records continue to be acquired, giving more research potential with the accessibility of primary source materials. Graphic resources such as maps, artwork, and photographs often lend a dimension to research not found in more traditional resources. The book collection, which is increasing almost daily, contains about six thousand volumes completely processed, and perhaps another six thousand volumes with limited processing. Our resources have come primarily from donations of private collections over the years.

Using and Acquiring Resources

Please note that most of our resources, particularly books, manuscripts, maps, and original graphic materials, can only be used within our library and cannot be removed. However, you will likely be able to walk away with Xerox copies, prints, or digital versions of valuable materials at the end of your visit. See the applicable fees for copies and prints below. Additionally, you can request that Library staff conduct research on your behalf and provide you with the findings.

Research Requests

Requesting research from library staff is a particularly useful option for people who do not have physical access to our Research Library & Archives. For requested research, different research fees apply, according to whether you submit a direct research request or an extended research request.

direct research request is straightforward in nature and requires relatively little research time. For a research request to be a direct request, the requested research must require no more than one hour. You typically submit a direct request when you have exact names, dates, ages, and locations that only need to be confirmed or verified. If it is our belief that the time it would take to complete your research would exceed one hour, we will notify you in advance. Other fees in addition to the research fee may apply.

Extended research is any research that requires more than one hour and is billed in one-hour increments. Please note that a $50.00 deposit is required, in advance, if it is our belief that the time it would take to complete your research would exceed one hour. You will be notified in advance if payment is required. Other fees in addition to the research fee may apply.

Research Fees

Walk-in research (research that you conduct on your own when you visit the Library) No cost
Direct research request $25.00 plus postage and handling. One (1) hour research time maximum.
Extended research request $25.00 per hour plus postage and handling. $50.00 deposit required.

Note on payment for research: Our library staff and volunteers happily dedicate many hours and extensive effort to your research requests. To help offset the time costs and other costs associated with research requests, we require payment for time spent on requested research regardless of whether information is found or regardless of whether the information found is, in your opinion, undesirable. Along with your research results, you will receive a listing of resources used during the course of our investigation.

Additional Fees

Postage and handling fee (US and US territories) $4.00
Postage and handling fee (outside of US or US territories) $6.00
Records:  Xerox copies
8×11" $0.25 per page
8×14" $0.50 per page
11×17" $0.75 per page
Prints:  4×6" Picture of family member, residence, estate etc. Find out how to get historic images in larger sizes. $18.00
Microfilm:  Xerox copies from microfilm Quote upon request
Digital files or scans $6.00 per page